About the Solution

Integrated and Intelligent System

Dataprom created the Antares software to provide a management tool that would be able to increase the efficiency of municipalities. After more than a decade of its creation and after several upgrades, the solution has become the brand new Antares Evolution. It is with it that these managers now have real-time information on the entire operation of Transit, Traffic, Railways, Highways, Security, Ports and Airports. And everything can be managed from the same place. The system is integrated into the process layer, allowing manual tasks to be reviewed and processed online and reducing the reaction time and costs of the entire structure. Antares Evolution software enables complete control of the entire range of Dataprom products and services, such as Closed Circuit TVs (CCTVs), Variable Message Panels (PMVs), Intelligent Semaphore Controllers, Level Pass Controllers, Electronic Surveillance System, Vehicle Detection and Selective Priority, Combination Control, Electronic Ticketing, Fleet Management and Security Systems. Operating in large Brazilian capitals such as Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro, it is already present in medium-sized cities such as Maringá, Ponta Grossa and Cascavel.