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Rapid and comfortable urban mobility

Developed in the 1970s in Curitiba, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a public passenger transportation system that provides fast, comfortable, safe and efficient urban mobility thanks to segregated infrastructure with overtaking priority.

Reality in several major cities in the world and a trend increasingly applied to medium-sized cities, BRT systems do not only propose a change in the fleet or in the infrastructure of collective public transport, but a set of changes that form a new concept of mobility urban

The implementation of high-performance, efficient and environmentally sustainable transit systems is on the political agenda of urban and environmental planners around the world. In Brazil, the National Urban Mobility Plan determines that managers opt for collective transportation over individual transportation. And several experts point to BRT as the best cost-benefit ratio among the existing modals.

Alone, bi-articulated can not be considered BRT systems. This is so called when such vehicles are associated with solutions such as Dataprom’s, including ticketing, selective priority at traffic lights and intelligent fleet management to avoid the formation of trains that delay the operation and make it more costly.

Integrated with a set of structural changes, Dataprom developed by Dataprom brings significant benefits to the population by providing even more agility, security and control in fleet management.

DATABRT differentials

  • Integration with Antares software
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Selective Priority on excusive or shared routes
  • Control of convoy
  • Information to the user
  • Fast communication between CCOs and drivers
  • Green wave

Antares Evolution

Immediate decision making

Integrated with the Antares DataBRT system, the fleet management module manages through the synoptic traffic panel to avoid concentration of vehicles. This mechanism allows the operator to monitor the situation of the fleet in real time. The use of Antares also allows the remote creation of auto-selective priority dynamic plans that will communicate in real time with all pre-determined traffic intersections in the city.

Diferenciais Antares Evolution

  • DataAirport
  • DataBRT
  • DataRail
  • DataPort
  • DataHighway
  • DataSecurity
  • DataTransit
  • Data Transport

Selective Priority

Prioritization of collective transportation

The Selective Priority System developed by the Dataprom for the management of BRT allows to intelligently prioritize the passage of buses, both in segregated corridors and in normal ways. Based on vehicle position analysis and using magnetic tags that differentiate by category, it improves the travel time of the prioritized vehicles. This allows for an increase in the average speed of collective transportation, which reduces costs and attracts more passengers.

Through integration with Antares software, the system also allows for the analysis of all bus routes, identifying critical intersections to prioritize these vehicles, as well as identifying optimal points to improve travel times and to define the most appropriate actions in each crossing, associating them with the routes defined in advance.

Diferenciais Prioridade Seletiva

  • Integration with Antares
  • Smart traffic
  • Real time monitoring
  • Integrated with Semaphore Controller
  • Available for any vehicle
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Average speed increase
  • Integration with fleet management

Convoy Control

Avoiding convoy quickly

Integrated in the fleet management module, the Combo Control allows real-time communication of vehicles with the Operational Control Center. It is in the CCO that the management of the fleet is done through the synoptic transit panel, a screen in which it is possible to visualize the situation of all the vehicles and differentiate them by color according to delay and advance that are greater than the preconfigured tolerances. This allows for quick fixes to avoid so-called fleet convoking and real-time communication with each vehicle – whether in messages sent from the CCO or from the vehicles themselves.

Dataprom’s Command Control tool also allows you to receive alerts about events with data that are outside normal pre-set limits, such as opening ports outside a predetermined point or bypassing the route defined for that line.

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