About the solution

Dynamic traffic plans improve traffic flow

In a scenario in which highways increasingly gain urban characteristics due to the growth of cities, Dataprom has designed and implemented systems that contribute to safer and more practical road management.

These solutions integrate Electronic Surveillance to monitor and register drivers who do not comply with traffic regulations, Variable Message Panels to inform them about lane situations, Vehicle Detection – which provides 24-hour statistical data – and the Optical Character Recognition OCR), a system that records vehicle plate information in real time. All these benefits can be managed from an Operational Control Center, which receives and processes the images and information obtained by the equipment installed in the field.

With DataHighway it is possible to have an overview of traffic on the highway and to demarcate strategies to improve it, bringing more safety to road traffic and saving lives.

DATAHIGHWAY differentials

  • Integration with Antares software
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Vehicle Optical Character Recognition System
  • Identification by radio frequency
  • Counting vehicles by inductive or virtual links
  • Vehicle occupancy count

Antares Evolution

Economy, efficiency and safety

The Datahighway solution coupled with Antares Evolution software enables central control of road operations, saving time, financial resources and greater security for users. Central monitoring by means of a closed-loop television system coupled with vehicular detection systems helps to prevent and solve crimes, such as cargo thefts, and also to reduce accident rates. In addition, this solution integrates the real-time transmission of information to drivers on road conditions, weather and congestion and accidents ahead. All this from the Operational Control Center (CCO), for faster and more efficient decision making.

Diferenciais Antares Evolution

  • DataAirport
  • DataBRT
  • DataRail
  • DataPort
  • DataHighway
  • DataSecurity
  • DataTransit
  • Data Transport

Vehicle Detection

Real-time decisions to maintain road

Knowing the dynamics of city displacements is a basic premise to improve traffic flow. Doing this with naked eyes is an impossible task. But Dataprom’s Vehicle Detection Systems allow managers to count vehicles and calculate occupancy within them, as well as measure the travel time of each. All this through virtual ties or inductive ties. With this system, the manager will have information to map the regions or periods with greater incidence of congestion and thus adopt measures that improve the road fluidity

  • Occupation
  • Vehicle Count
  • Integration with Antares
  • Intrusive and Non-Intrusive System
  • Real time monitoring
  • Integrated with Semaphore Controller
  • Average speed
  • Ranking
  • Place Exchange Facility
  • Length of Row

Variable Message Panel

Prioritization of the necessary

The use of Variable Message Boards (PMVs) on highways is becoming increasingly common as it is the fastest and most effective form of communication between traffic operators and drivers. Integrated with the Antares Datahighway, they can be programmed to show automatic information on track path times, adverse situations at the front, works and any other information pre-programmed by the monitoring center operators. This will provide a quieter and safer ride for motorists. You can also schedule messages to be automatically displayed at set times, and set the time period they will be displayed.


Detailed and actual traffic monitoring

Dataprom has Radio Frequency IDentification – RFID or Radio Frequency Identification. It automatically identifies people, equipment, vehicles and products through radio signals, retrieving and storing information through RFID tag devices. Integrated with the Datahighway solution, this system gains even more importance due to the signal shadows of other telecommunication means in those paths. The entire mechanism works seamlessly with Antares software, which allows you to monitor and receive real-time equipment alerts within the Operational Control Center. In addition to highways, RFID can be applied to city transit, public transport, railways, public safety, ports and airports.


The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system allows quick and accurate inspection of the vehicle’s condition by reading plates. The solution brings agility and safety in the identification, avoiding manual operations and increasing the reliability in the management of the highways.

The data verified in the reading are transmitted to an Operational Control Center (CCO), where possible irregularities are raised, the cadastral situation of the vehicle and even the existence of theft or robbery alerts.

Dataprom’s solution differs from the others offered in the market by interacting with other systems and the image capture time, which is less than three seconds. Dataprom’s OCR can still be used in locations and situations where there is a need for enforcement and police barriers, whether in urban perimeters or highways. And it is the ideal solution for car wheel systems.

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