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Dataport efficient and dynamic process

Dataprom has developed integrated logistics and security projects to make the management of port terminals and dry ports more efficient and dynamic. The company’s solutions include Restricted Access Control, CCTV monitoring to increase the security of the environment and also the Real-Time Location System to locate, monitor and inspect objects and people. Dataprom was a pioneer in Brazil by providing solutions such as the ISPS Code, an international security protocol that was required for the entry of cargo into the United States after the attack on the World Trade Center towers. Also noteworthy are vessel identification and control systems such as VTMS and RFID. Together, all these solutions improve port infrastructure by providing more safety, reliability and quality to management.





Dataport differentials

  • Integration with Antares software
  • ISPS Code
  • Vessel Traffic Management System
  • Identification by radio frequency
  • Real-time monitoring

Antares Evolution

Immediate decision taking

The Dataport solution is even more complete if coupled with Antares Evolution software. It integrates all of Dataprom’s products and services for port terminals and dry ports, allowing the manager to monitor and receive real-time equipment alerts from the Operational Control Center (CCO). This assists in the adoption of preventive or even corrective measures, whenever there are facts that escape the standard of the operation and demand a faster decision making.

Antares Evolution Differentials

  • DataAirport
  • DataBRT
  • DataRail
  • DataPort
  • DataTransit
  • DataHighway
  • DataSecurity
  • DataTransport

Access control

Safety in and out

Port regions move a large amount of people and materials daily, which makes the control and identification of all of them essential for safety. Therefore, Dataprom offers within the Dataport solution one of the most advanced Access Control systems. It identifies and registers improper accesses, increasing the security of the protected place and the tranquility of the professionals. Access control can be done through magnetic card, SmartCard, tags or facial and digital biometrics in a joint use with physical locks like ratchets, gates and doors. All monitored environments will have an alert alarm about possible invasion of the protected perimeter. In addition, the Dataport solution allows you to monitor and manage the use and traffic of assets within a company or public body, generating real-time reports and avoiding thefts.


Real time monitoring

In the Dataport solution, the CCTV Monitoring System provides additional security integrated with other monitoring systems. This allows full and real-time control over monitored environments. The monitoring cameras also capture all types of image to follow the traffic of loads and people, allowing an agile service to emergencies. This enables the manager to make a fast and efficient decision in case of incidents or crimes.

CFTV differentials

  • Integration with Antares
  • Occurrence record
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Intelligent video analysis
  • Integration with all cameras
  • High resolution
  • Indoor e outdoor
  • IP Comunication
  • Thermal camera


Quick and efficient actions

Dataprom’s Dataport solution also stands out for having Radio Frequency IDentification – RFID or Radio Frequency Identification. It performs the automatic identification of people, equipment, vehicles and products through radio signals, retrieving and storing information remotely through RFID tag devices. Integrated with Antares Dataport, this system allows an efficient management of the resources moved to port regions.



Following the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the United States began to adopt a series of security measures to control the entry of people and goods into the country. In this scenario, the International Ship and Port Faculty Security Code – ISPS Code or International Code for the Protection of Ships and Port Facilities is established. Dataprom was one of the first Brazilian companies to develop systems that complied with this code. It stands out for requiring greater control of entry and exit of people and vehicles in port facilities, the installation of a surveillance system of the limits of the perimeter of the port and the quay and the need for registration of the people and vehicles entering the port facility. Largest grain exporter in Brazil, the Port of Paranaguá already has Dataprom systems that gave it the ISPS Code.


Safety for society and protection for nature

The Dataport solution also integrates the Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMS), or Vessel Traffic Management System. Its purpose is to increase the safety of human life at sea, safety of navigation and protection of the environment in areas where there is intense movement of vessels or risk of major accidents. Integrated with Antares Evolution, VTMS collects, evaluates and distributes traffic data from ships and any other vessels to improve the safety and efficiency of shipping. Among these data are ship positions, intentions and destinations, identification, course and speed of ships, along with coastal precautions, routes to be followed, navigation plans and many other fundamentals for vessel flow management.

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