About the solution

Quality of life and safety

Control, monitoring and information. These three pillars behind the most modern security strategies are present in the DataSecurity solution. It allows Access Control to restricted environments, capture various types of images on the CCTV and prevent unauthorized access to protected areas through the Perimeter Intrusion Detection System. In addition, this tool provides instant control and identification of various environments at the same time and in an integrated way to other city management systems offered by Dataprom. DATARAIL DIFFERENTIALS Integration with Antares software Occurrence record Real-time monitoring Intelligent video analysis Indoor and outdoor Integration with all cameras Thermal camera High resolution IP Communication

DATARAIL differentials

  • Integration with Antares
  • Occurrence record
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Intelligent video analysis
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Integration with all cameras
  • Thermal camera
  • High Resolution
  • Comunication IP

Antares Evolution

Immediate decision making

With the objective of improving the efficiency of Transportation, Traffic, Railways, Highways, Security, Ports and Airports, Dataprom offers its clients the implementation of an Operational Control Center (CCO), whose structure forms a core operations command , allowing the integrated management of all solutions through Antares Evolution software.

INTEGRATION – With Antares Evolution it is possible to have dominion over Closed Circuits of TV – CCTVs, Variable Message Panels – PMVs, Intelligent Semaphore Controllers, Level Pass Controllers, Electronic Surveillance System, Vehicle Detection and Selective Priority, Electronic Ticketing, Management Fleet, Security Systems and more.

Diferenciais Antares Evolution

  • DataAirport
  • DataBRT
  • DataRail
  • DataPort
  • DataTransit
  • DataHighway
  • DataSecurity
  • DataTransport

Access control

The most complete system in the market

Dataprom offers its customers one of the most advanced Access Control solutions for people. The system identifies and registers improper accesses, increasing the security of the protected place and the tranquility of the professionals. In addition, it monitors and emits alert alarm about a possible invasion of the protected perimeter. Access control can be done through magnetic card, smart card, tags or facial and digital biometrics in a joint use with physical locks like ratchets, gates and doors. You can also monitor and manage the use and traffic of assets within a company or public body, generating real-time reports to prevent theft.


Real information and updated hands reach

Dataprom’s DataSecurity solution also stands out for having Radio Frequency IDentification – RFID or Radio Frequency Identification. It performs the automatic identification of people, equipment, vehicles and products through radio signals, retrieving and storing information remotely through RFID tag devices. In this way, the system allows an effective management of the resources of the city, and can be applied in public safety as well as in transit, transportation, railways, ports and airports.


Monitoring and effiency of fleets

The CCTV Monitoring System provides complete security by providing access to real-time images. By means of monitoring cameras it is possible to capture the most diverse types of images for crime prevention or reaction in case of occurrences already registered. These same cameras can also be used for urban traffic monitoring, emergency response and quick and efficient incident action. All of these images captured by the CCTV Monitoring System can be managed and processed at the Operational Control Center, where strategies for improving the city and incident response can be delineated.

CFTV differentials

  • ntegration with Antares
  • Event log
  • Real time monitoring
  • Intelligent video analysis
  • Integration with all cameras
  • High resolution
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Comunication IP
  • Camera IP

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