About the Solution

Dynamic traffic plans improve traffic flow

The Datatransit solution was designed to give public managers real-time information about the traffic behavior of their cities and so they could quickly apply the necessary solutions to the municipality based on that data.

A recent study showed that Brazil has three cities among the ten most bottled in the world. The carioca, for example, lost 165 hours stopped in transit in 2015. And without the technology, it would be impossible to improve the congestion situation and consequently the quality of life of the population of these municipalities. That is why Dataprom offers the manager the possibility of having instruments that measure the time of the route and the loading of vehicles, control and pre-program the traffic lights intelligently, prioritize the collective transportation and inform the drivers about congestion and alternatives of routes .

Differentials Datatransit

  • Integration with Antares
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Counting vehicles and occupation
  • Crosswalk Smart Button
  • Reduction of accidents
  • Internationally awarded Intelligent Semaphore System
  • Green wave
  • Selective Priority available for any type of vehicle and integrated with fleet management

Antares Evolution

Integrated and Intelligent System

Dataprom created the Antares software to provide a management tool that would be able to increase the efficiency of municipalities. After more than a decade of its creation and after several upgrades, the solution has become the brand new Antares Evolution. It is with it that these managers now have real-time information on the entire operation of Transit, Traffic, Railways, Highways, Security, Ports and Airports. And everything can be managed from the same place. The system is integrated into the process layer, allowing manual tasks to be reviewed and processed online and reducing the reaction time and costs of the entire structure. Antares Evolution software enables complete control of the entire range of Dataprom products and services, such as Closed Circuit TVs (CCTVs), Variable Message Panels (PMVs), Intelligent Semaphore Controllers, Level Pass Controllers, Electronic Surveillance System, Vehicle Detection and Selective Priority, Combination Control, Electronic Ticketing, Fleet Management and Security Systems. Operating in large Brazilian capitals such as Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro, it is already present in medium-sized cities such as Maringá, Ponta Grossa and Cascavel.

Antares Evolution Differentials

  • DataAirport
  • DataBRT
  • DataRail
  • DataPort
  • DataHighway
  • DataSecurity
  • DataTransit
  • Data Transport

Semaphore Controller

Real-time decisions to maintain roadway efficiency

Result of more than 25 years of experience in traffic engineering, the DP40 Semaphore Controller is one of the most effective equipment available in the market. It was the first traffic light controller with communication via data packet, a technology that can replace or operate parallel to the cabling system and reduces system-wide deployment and maintenance costs. This tool is also capable of monitoring the flow of the road, determining time schedules and establishing requests for change of road plans, as well as being able to be integrated with intelligent pushbuttons and vehicular detectors.

The Dataprom Semaphore Controller can be operated either alone or in conjunction with other controllers, or be managed by Antares Datatransit software, which enables remote monitoring and remote programming of the equipment in real time. It is already used successfully in capitals such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte.

Differentials of our Semaphore Controller

  • Integration with Antares
  • Smart Transit
  • Green Wave
  • 2 a 16 phases
  • Intelligent selective priority
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Inductive virtual loop
  • Individual lamp monitoring
  • Smart Batteries
  • Power failure warning
  • 4G Communication | Ethernet | Modern

Selective Priority

Prioritization of the necessary

Present in cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba, the Selective Priority System developed by Dataprom prioritizes in an intelligent way the passage of pre-determined vehicles in the intersections of the city. It does this based on the analysis of the position of vehicles and with the use of magnetic tags capable of differentiating them by categories.

The result of the implementation of this system is the reduction of travel time with the increase in the average speed of public transport. In large Brazilian cities, buses can not get an average speed above 20 km / h, which makes operation costs higher. If integrated with the Antares Evolution software, Dataprom’s Selective Priority System also allows the analysis of all bus routes and the identification of the ideal points to reduce travel times. Semaphore prioritization also makes the transit of emergency vehicles (such as police cars and fire engines, ambulances and official vehicles)

Selective Priority Differentials

  • Integration with Antares
  • Smart Transit
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Integrated with traffic light controller
  • Available for any vehicle
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Integration with fleet management
  • Average speed increase

Smart Semaphore

A study by the Ministry of Health showed that an elderly person dies every day in the country that has been hit by a car accident. In São Paulo, this public accounts for 36% of fatal car accidents. Changing this framework is Datarpom’s priority when it comes to traffic. That’s why the company created the Intelligent Semaphore, a tool that increases the green time for the crossing of the elderly and people with disabilities. This new solution for traffic safety was awarded in 2015 with the Prince Michael International Awards (PMIRSA), the most important road safety award in the world. This is the Intelligent Semaphore.

The system works through a special button attached to the traffic light, which can be activated by identification cards of the elderly or Carrier of Special Needs (PNE). In Curitiba, where the Intelligent Semaphore was first deployed, the identification was initially performed with the transport card. But this decision is in charge of each manager. These buttons may also have additional mechanisms, such as audible alarms for the visually impaired.

Differentials Smart Semaphore

  • Integration with Antares
  • Reduction of accidents
  • Technology
  • Inovation
  • Quality of Life
  • Maintains programmed times
  • Internationally awarded system

Vehicle Detection

Detailed and actual traffic monitoring

Dataprom offers Virtual Loop Detection systems (made by cameras) or inductive loop (installed on the asphalt itself). They allow you to count vehicles and calculate occupancy within them, in addition to measuring the travel time of each. This makes it possible to map regions or periods with a higher incidence of congestion, making decisions to improve traffic flow and increase the productivity of traffic engineers in the municipality. Curitiba, for example, has 1,700 crossings – 200 of them have either virtual ties or inductive ties. The system is integrated into the Antares Evolution solution, which receives and processes this information in real time and allows you to strategize for better life in cities.

Differentials Vehicle Detection

  • Integrations with Antares
  • Intrusive and non-intrusive system
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Integrated with traffic light controller
  • Vehicle counting
  • Occupation
  • Ranking
  • Average speed
  • Row Length
  • Facility in place exchange


Effective management for various media

Already known in Brazilian cities, Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) gains another meaning when applied to Datatransit solutions. The real-time monitoring provided by the cameras is integrated with the data collected by the company’s software, which receives, processes and manages this information to improve the attendance to occurrences. In conjunction with the radars, the images captured by the CCTV systems can also be used as mechanisms for detecting and punishing traffic violations, as well as providing legal support for the resolution of crimes and traffic accidents.

Diffferetials CFTV

  • Integration with Antares
  • Occurrence record
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Intelligent video analysis
  • Integration with all cameras
  • High resolution
  • Indoor e outdoor
  • IP Communication
  • Thermal camera