About the solution

Intelligent and effective traffic management

In order to avoid congestion, long queues, and ever-overcrowded mass transit systems, Dataprom has developed the Datatransport, which is a Intelligent Transportation System (ITS, in its acronym in English). Datatransport encompasses a set of solutions that work to give city dwellers what they have the most precious: time.

Within this solution are the Intelligent Semaphore Controller, which allows generating dynamic traffic plans and the Vehicle Detectors – instruments capable of assisting in intense traffic situations to avoid the formation of congestion.

But Datatransport does not stop there. It also adds CCTV systems, which e sustainable mobility option for cities.
All of these benefits can be managed from an Operational Control Center, which receives and processes images or information captured by field equipment. Datatransport enables cities to achieve more efficient and sustainable mobility, helping to reduce congestion, minimizing emissions of polluting gases and encouraging the use of public transport.




  • Integration with Antares software
  • Smart Traffic
  • Green Wave
  • Intelligent Selective Priority
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Pushbutton-integrated APS
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Integration with fleet management
  • Fleet management with communication between driver and CCO

Antares Evolution

Immediate decision making

The Datatransport solution is even more complete if coupled with Antares Evolution software. It integrates all of Dataprom’s products and services for mass transit, helping cities to reduce their congestion and minimizing their impact on greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, together with the Antares Fleet Management module, Dataprom’s Intelligent Transport Systems allow you to monitor the operation of the fleet in real time. This assists the manager in adopting preventive or even corrective measures, whenever there are facts that escape the standard of the operation and demand a faster decision making.

Antares Evolution Differentials

  • DataAirport
  • DataBRT
  • DataRail
  • DataPort
  • DataHighway
  • DataSecurity
  • DataTransit
  • DataTransport

Electronic Ticketing

The most complete system on the market

The Electronic Ticket System Datatransport is a set of software and hardware that manages the travel credits of users in collective transportation.

A pioneer of this technology in Brazil, Dataprom’s system enables financial and fleet management, with real-time control of the status of each line. This allows, for example, to know and monitor all the telemetry of the buses, to know if there are deviations of route, warnings of emergency situation, warnings of train, schedules in delay or vehicles advanced.

Electronic Ticketing consists of a validator coupled inside the vehicle to control the ratchet, a touchscreen console that fully integrates the bus to the Operational Control Center and a Encerrante – device responsible for summarizing the session stored on the collector’s card.

The most complete solution on the market, Dataprom’s billing serves dozens of municipalities – both in Brazil and Latin America.

  • Integration with software Antares
  • Integration with fleet management
  • Real trime monitoring
  • Facial biometry
  • Shipped load
  • Quality of life
  • Data Consolidation
  • Financial control
  • Smart Card
  • Advance revenue
  • Single Ticket
  • Reduction of costs

Fleet Management

Fleet monitoring and efficiency

The Datatransport Fleet Management solution ensures better use and control of the fleet, allowing full monitoring and management of collective transportation. The software filters vehicle information and allows operators to focus their attention only on exceptions, ie situations that are outside the predefined limits. This ensures better utilization and efficiency of the fleet and the workforce.

With the Dataprom Fleet Management system, the operator will have reduced maintenance costs, improved fleet controller efficiency, ease of communication and statistical data generation.

Information to the user

Real, up-to-date information at your fingertips

The intelligent Datatransport systems integrated with the Fleet Management module provide information on the operation of the collective transport in real time to the user. It is possible to tell, for example, the time at which the bus will arrive at its next stopping point, reducing the time of shipments and arrivals and consequently the costs of the collective transport operation.

Distributed by the CCO, information is passed on to public transport users through Variable Message Panels (PMVs), totems with LCD / LED displays and also through cell phones, smartphones and tablets.

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